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LA Jewels: The City of Angels is known for Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, UCLA, USC, Dodgers, and HIPSTERS! But lets not forget that Los Angeles is also a melting pot of different cultures. From the Westside, to KoreaTown, to South LA, to East LA, we have a little of everything. 

Vinny's Barber Shop

Vinny's is located in East Hollywood at 852 N Virgil Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90029. This one is for the gents, hipsters and chipsters (chicano hipsters)! Since I don't know much about barber shops and or hair salons in general ( I have yet to find a place that doesn't complain and purposely overcharges me because "OMG YOU HAVE SOOOOO MUCH HAIR!" duh I know... tell me something new!) I'm going to do this one interview style. So for this one I will be asking the S.O. aka El Bae about his shop to which he has been loyal to for a while. 

LaWendy: How long have you been going to Vinny's?
El Bae: About 4 years. 

LaWendy: Why have you kept going back for so long?
El Bae: Cause I really like how they cut my hair, they're professional, clean, and they provide excellent customer service.

LaWendy: What do you mean by excellent customer service?
El Bae: They're nice guys, they're consistent and I ALWAYS get compliments on my haircuts after going to them.

LaWendy: OHHHH So you think you all that now...

LaWendy: Who's your barber?
El Bae: Victor

LaWendy: Is he hard to book? or how do you make your appointments?
El Bae: No, but they are getting more and more popular so you gotta book your appointments at least a month in advance... and you can easily do it online. 

LaWendy: Are these like old men cutting your hair?
El Bae: Nah it's men my age, age-group, so they know what's in and what looks good 

LaWendy: How much do you usually pay for a haircut? 
El Bae: $30 and a $5 tip. 

LaWendy: Anything else I should say about Vinny's?
El Bae: tell them NOT to go there... I don't want them to take my barber. 

I've been to Vinny's once and this barber shop is super clean, very vintage old-school looking and honestly what you imagine a barber shop to look like. The guys seemed pretty nice and I observed them offer their customers beers and drinks when they walked in. They must have a perfect 5 star rating on yelp for a reason. 

Tell me, have you ever cheated on your barber/hair dresser? how did that go??


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LaWendy is a self-proclaimed fatty and shopaholic. She enjoys driving around LA, finding new restaurants to try and new places to spend her moolah. 

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