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LA Jewels: The City of Angels is known for Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, UCLA, USC, Los Dodgers, and HIPSTERS! But lets not forget that Los Angeles is also a melting pot of different cultures. From the Westside, to KoreaTown, to South LA, to East LA, we have a little of everything. 

La Cienega Farmers' Market

La Cienega Farmers' Market is MY SPOT on Thursdays! It is located at 1831 S. La Cienega Blvd., Los Angeles, CA and its open from 2-7:30 PM every Thursdays rain or shine.

I love this little farmers' market because it's small, not pretentious and honestly very affordable. All the fruits and veggies sold here are beautiful (YES BEAUTIFUL) and everyone at each booth is hella friendly. 

As a gal that grew up poor and in a neighborhood that was literally a food desert (I can talk about this in another post if anyone is interested) I had not heard about Farmers' Markets until maybe when I went to college and UCLA started holding its own Farmers' Market for students. I did know them in Mexico by the name mercado or tiangis. My mind was blown when I first saw one at UCLA and I am sooooo happy to have one so close to where I live now. 

One of my favorite reasons for going to this place, other than for fresh fruits, veggies and flowers, is because I love the pupusas revueltas (traditional Salvadoran dish) one of the booths sells. These pupusas have gotten a bit more popular and I've seen their prices slowly increase to $3.00 from like ~$2.50 ea. (CASH ONLY). These pupusas are so worth it though, cause they are literally made on the spot!!! 

I also never forget to stop by the salsa lady's booth, the hummus guys and the greek yogurt guy... I PROMISE YOU, EVERYTHING IS TO DIE FOR! (I should learn the booth's names lol).

Lastly, I love this place because it feels very neighborhood, homie, and like a community. So easily we get caught up by the hustle and bustle of the city... and everything is so automatic, but Farmers' Markets remind me of the importance of human connections we no longer cherish as much, or at least something I personally miss about my home country.  

I encourage you to visit and support your local farmer's market for healthier options in your community.  You can find a local farmers' market near you here:

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LaWendy is a self-proclaimed fatty and shopaholic. She enjoys driving around LA, finding new restaurants to try and new places to spend her moolah. 

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