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LA Jewels: The City of Angels is known for Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, UCLA, USC, Los Dodgers, and HIPSTERS! But lets not forget that Los Angeles is also a melting pot of different cultures. From the Westside, to KoreaTown, to South LA, to East LA, we have a little of everything. 

Tacos Delta

Tacos Delta is a small stand with outdoor seating in the back. This place is cheap and fast. It is located at 3806 W Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90026.

Now let me keep it real with you about this place, I've only had their chilaquiles. But that's fine though, you know why? Because that is all you need to try and have here. I used to HATE chilaquiles; I just could not understand the concept of what looks like tortillas drenched in sauce. Then a few years ago, I had a "come to Jesus moment" aka and epiphany where I realized my hate for chilaquiles was high key stupid.  I know, I was a disappointment to all Mexican mothers, especially mine, who pretty much made chilaquiles every weekend.

BUT like I said, people can change, and I have too. Chilaquiles is like my #1 favorite brunch food, and whenever I see them on the menu I MUST HAVE THEM. After trying different chilaquiles plates around LA, I have to say Tacos Delta lives up to their hella cocky sign on the side of the stand "BEST CHILAQUILES IN TOWN". They have the right amount of crunch, they're not soggy, they are spicy enough, and just plain PERFECTION. You can get your chilaquiles with huevos revueltos .... or you can do it the only way to be done, with the eggs over easy where you have the runny yolk break on top of the chilaquiles. YASSSS foodgasm! 

Go to Tacos Delta and have the chilaquiles, thank me later ;). 


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LaWendy is a self-proclaimed fatty and shopaholic. She enjoys driving around LA, finding new restaurants to try and new places to spend her moolah. 

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