LA Jewels: Tacos from the Ladies (Pico & Fairfax)

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 LA Jewels: The City of Angels is known for Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, UCLA, USC, Dodgers, and HIPSTERS! But lets not forget that Los Angeles is also a melting pot of different cultures. From the Westside, to KoreaTown, to South LA, to East LA, we have a little of everything.


California in general is known for its bomb Mexican food. When I say Mexican Food I don't mean those chafa you're gonna get chorro taco bell tacos, I mean LEGIT tacos! Tacos de lengua (cow tongue), sesos (cow brain?), tripas (tripe), al pastor (seasoned pork), and asada (skirt steak). Chicken tacos at taco stands are out of the question... cause.... why would you get chicken tacos!?

Los Angeles is one of the prime cities for tacos, they can be found everywhere from East LA, to Echo Park and even Westwood. One of my favorites is located in MidCity LA on the corner of Pico & Fairfax (right next to the bus stop). They are CASH only and their hours range from about 7:30 to 11:30 PM. 

Pico & Fairfax Tacos

I call this taco stand "tacos from the ladies" cause last time I checked, the stand did not have a name and every time I go there, its two ladies selling the tacos (LOL). But apparently, this place does have two yelp pages named "Rico's Tacos" and "Pico & Fairfax Tacos" both pages have great reviews with an average of 4.5 stars.

This place is legit tacos Mexico style. What I mean by that is that there is no taco truck, it's literally a grill on the sidewalk with a courtesy folding table and chairs for those who decide to "eat in". You are literally eating on the side walk, pouring your salsa on the side walk, and adding cilantro and onions to your tacos on the side walk. Def not for the faint of heart fresas. 

One of the best part of these tacos is that the thick tortillas are hand made on the spot! As a self-proclaimed taco lover, I soooooo hate when the taco tortilla splits in half and your taco is no longer a taco!!!! It makes me want to flip my table! JK but seriously though. Well not these tacos, the tortillas are thick enough to withstand all the salsa and extra toppings.

Second best part of these tacos, they are packed with meat... not like other places where you feel they literally counted every piece of meat (cheapskates!). The ladies also sell mulitas (which I swear I had never heard of until I moved to LA), burritos, and quesadillas. I always opt for 2 tacos de Al Pastor add a little of each of the three salsas, cilantro, onions and squeeze some lime juice. A hearty meal for just $3.00. Make sure you don't forget the $1.50 horchata ;). 

This place is soooooo good every time the parentals visit LA, all they want to eat is tacos from this place. 

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